2012: One year at work


This is a personal project based on my own daily routine as a creative director. At some point, I found IOGraphica's application, which records every mouse movement and draws a circle whenever the mouse stops. The longer the mouse is still, the bigger the circle.  So what if I recorded my daily routine at work for a year? I was curious about how much time I was spending on my desk and away from it.

On each image, the lines represent mouse movements and the circles show the times when I was attending meetings, overseeing someone's work, having lunch or taking a dump on the toilet.

So starting on January 9th, 2012, I recorded the movements of the mouse of my computer at work for a whole year. The rules were to record every day from Monday to Friday for at least 5 hours, except for off days or unless I was on leave.

The result ended up being not only a graphic representation of a working routine, but a series of unique drawings tracking the productive and creative hours of a year in my life. Thus, these abstract expressionist designs became an exact summary of an unrepeatable and otherwise overwhelming amount of information.

The video is an edit of all the resulting images, with music from the album Drumgasm by Janet Weiss, Matt Cameron and Zach Hill, where each day is two frames long. I've also put together the poster, which is organized by weeks and week days.

Featured in Notcot.org.