On this project, we worked hand to hand with the team at Turner Broadcasting Italia to redesign all the channel branding but still using their current characters. My role was to provide quality control over the project according to the client’s standards, managing and overseeing every step of the project, from creativity, shooting and 3d developing to completion.

The purpose was to construct a narrative that defined the consumer-brand relationship in order to create an authentic positioning. The rebranding was always thought as part of a whole package where apps could also be developed keeping the same kind of games that were shown on TV. We also help developing this app here.


PROMAX BDA EUROPE Gold Best General/Channel Branding Design 2011.
SMAU MOB AWARDS 2012 with Boing App, category Media Information and Publishing.



Client: Turner Broadcasting Italia.
Production company: Ink Apache. 
Creative director: Jonay OUrbina
Art Director: Javier Almazán.
2d animatics: Rogelio Folgueras, Ana Olmo, Julián Lominchar.
3d modelling: Carlos Hernandez, Elias Soiffer, David Álvarez, Marta Gargano, Arturo Paiva, Jonay OUrbina.
3d animation: Francisco Martín, Ignacio Sastre Ñaku, Carlos Alvarez, Joseba Zabala, Laura Vincent, Jesús del Campo, Salomé Rivas.
Render and lighting: Carlos Hernandez, Elias Soiffer.
Filming and compositing: Alfonso Fulgencio, Carlos Hernandez, Jonay OUrbina.
Sound design: Pablo Crespo.