I am Jonay.

I like the Basque Country where I was born and raised.
I like the tenacity of the Basques.
I like that my friends and I grew up playing outdoors.
I really like that.
I like that I moved to the UK to get a BA in animation.
I like traveling.
I dislike how cliché that sounds.
Cliché has the same letters as 'chicle', chewing gum in Spanish. I like that.
I like the people I worked with in Madrid for 6 years in an animation and motion graphics studio.
I like that as the creative director of the studio we won a Gold Promax BDA Europe for Best General Branding Design.
I didn't like breaking my achilles tendon playing basketball.
I like basketball. And mushroom hunting.
I like the team I was part of while working as an art director in 72andSunny LA.
I like I took six months off when my son was born. I wish they were more.
I like fart jokes.
I like cheese. But gouda? Not so good-a.
I like that in the last 13 years I've lived in 8 different cities, in 4 different countries.
I like Amsterdam.

Say hi. O algo.