The second season of the Clanners mini series needed improving the workflow and the final look of both the characters and the environments.

In this project I worked as an art director. There were a lot of things done for the first season, but there was a huge lack of organization both in the project files and the workflow. My main purpose was to try to make the most of what was already there, and build new props and settings that would complement the old ones. So we kept some of them and improved the rest. We oversaw all the work done to fix the characters and environments. For this, we organized and figured what was created in the first season and developed five different worlds for the characters to play in. We placed them in a map, in order to make it easier for the director and the layout department to build the scenes.

The main challenge was to work in the short time frame provided for each episode.

The video is a montage I did with some of the scenes from the season. The song is Neckbrace by Ratatat.

These below a re some of the very first concept art stills for the second season of the series. 

I made these other stills below while we were developing the series. The idea was to show that the characters have been around for a long time and that it was only then when we realized about their existence.


Client: Selecta Productions.
Production company: Ink Apache.
Director: Abraham Lopez.
Lead Art director: Jonay OUrbina.
Art director: Sara Velázquez.
Concept art: Sara Velázquez, Jonay OUrbina.
Animation supervisor: Rogelio Folgueras.
2d animatics: Julián Lominchar, Ana Olmo, Rogelio Folgueras.
3d supervisor: Esther Encabo.
3d and 3d animation: Laura Vicent, Claudia Bic, David Alvarez, Francisco Martín, Carlos Alvarez, Salomé Rivas, Norma Puerto, Carmen Gonzalez, Jose Antonio de la Fuente, Pablo M. Bravo, Esther Encabo.
Render, lighting, compositing: Carlos Hernandez.