The briefing for this project was to create four-second 'we will be right back' bumpers were we would see the logo unfolding and revealing a scene where there could be read “volvemos en X minutos” (“we are back in X minutes”). The final look had to be somewhere between cartoonish and realistic styles.

My task was to develop the creativities, work with the art and animation departments to establish the design, looks and timing of the pieces. Subsequently, I supervised the rest of the project up to its final delivery, including shooting, 3D modeling, animation, rendering and final compositing.

Here, the main challenge was to deliver a readable piece of information from the second 00:02 onwards, within a rich scene created with many small details in order to keep the viewer interested even after many viewings.


Client: Enzo Films for La Sexta broadcasting channel.
Directed by Agustín Cantero for Enzo Films.
Production company: Ink Apache.
Creative director: Jonay OUrbina .
Concept art: Javier Almazán, Sara Velázquez.
3d supervisor, lighting, render and compositing: Carlos Hernandez.
Modeling and rigging: Javier Corzo, Carlos Hernandez.
Animation: Ignacio Sastre.